…an intensive two-and-a-half day workshop for married and unmarried couples to rediscover the joy and spiritual potential of being together as they achieve personal growth and change through their relationship.

In just twenty hours, you will gain a solid foundation in Imago Relationship Therapy and its application.

Through informal lecture, hands-on demonstrations, video, guided imagery, and written exercises you will develop a greater understanding of yourself, your partner, and your relationship. A detailed explanation of the reasons we seek committed love relationships and how they typically evolve will be delineated and dialogued. You will begin the healing process, and connect with other couples willing to co-create a lasting future for their relationship.

This Workshop

With an emphasis on renewing communication, will provide you with the opportunity to “Wake up Your Heart and Tear Down Your Walls.” Couples who attend this workshop leave with a sense of real hope and renewed determination.

This workshop will open the doors to:

Recognize your defenses. Learn how to achieve an intimate relationship with your partner. Begin to drop barriers that restrict growth and change.

Partner Discovery
Recognize your partner’s fears and wounds. Learn how to have greater compassion for him/her, and restored connection based on empathy and empowerment.

New Methods of Communication
Learn effective methods to change the negative patterns that have evolved. Start to channel the energy from arguments into stability, passion and trust.

Accepting the Unconscious Forces of Attraction
Recognize the traits and characteristics that brought you together. Discover how they became sources of conflict. Learn to re-contextualize them.

Understanding Childhood Wounds
Gain insight into the connection between your current difficulties and past traumas. Learn how to help one another heal and be healed. Heal the relationship.

Co-Creating a New Love Relationship
Reveal to your partner your Ideal Relationship. Recognize your mutual dream. Together create a step-by-step plan to achieve it. Begin the journey toward true spiritual growth and genuine love.

This two-and a-half day workshop is the equivalent of three months of weekly private therapy.