An intensive two-and-a-half day workshop for people seeking to understand their relationships patterns and who want to learn how to find and develop a committed and lasting partnership.

In just twenty hours, you will gain a solid  foundation in Imago Relationship Theory and its application.

A detailed explanation for the reasons we seek committed love relationships and how they typically evolve will be delineated and dialogued. Through informal lecture, hands-on demonstrations, video, guided imagery and written exercises, you will develop a greater understanding of yourself and your relationship patterns. You will learn to put your past relationships into a perspective that allows the healing process to begin.

This Workshop

This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to grow and connect with people on a similar path. It will allow you to Wake Up your Heart and Tear Down your Walls. People who attend this workshop leave with a renewed hope and a real sense of accomplishment. This will open the doors to:

Understand why you tend to be attracted to similar people. Recognize your defenses. Learn how to achieve a barrier-free intimate relationship.

Understanding Childhood Traumas
Identify past issues that you unconsciously bring into your relationship. Recognize the role that these issues play. Gain insight into the connection between the frustrations you’ve experienced in past relationships and the traumas that you have survived in childhood.

Healing Past Relationship Wounds
Practice effective methods to safely get in touch with your emotions and painful memories. Free yourself of former partners by participating in a proven Goodbye Process.

Accepting the Unconscious Forces of Attraction
Recognize the traits and characteristics that brought you together. Discover how they became sources of conflict. Learn to re-contextualize them.

New Relationship Skills
Learn practical methods for recognizing and changing negative patterns of relating. Discover how and why you subconsciously sabotage your relationships to protect yourself from fear and anticipated harm.

Personal Growth and Change
Realize what you must change in yourself to Keep the Love you Find. Create a manageable step-by-step personal program to fulfull your desires and achieve your goals.

Knowing yourself will allow you to truly be with someone else.