‘Patricia’s compassionate heart, coupled with her vast knowledge and intuition make Patricia, in my opinion, one of the finest therapist and teachers that I have ever known. I would recommend her for any counseling situation, particularly those of sensitive nature.’


‘I am deeply grateful to Patricia for sharing her knowledge and expertise while guiding me through personal and professional challenging times. She helped me find my inner voice, reclaim control of my life and attain inner peace.’


‘I’ve learned to overcome serious obstacles caused by my adaptations to past experiences. I learned to experience my growth and healing. I became more assured about myself. I discovered the valuable person within me. I processed my grief in a decent, dignified and safe manner. Therapy with Patricia put my soul at ease and found solace in my life. It is the best present I’ve ever given to myself.’


‘Patricia’s keen awareness of relationships and human conditioning is very well conveyed to clients through both 1:1 sessions and group workshops. I very highly recommend her for her ability to demystify IMAGO theraoy taking a practical approach to a complex technique. Patricia has enabled me to change my life going forward!’